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Adorno: Astrology is mass ideology perpetuated by capitalism and a sublimated desire to be ruled by forces beyond one's control.DSA person: Wow. Sure sounds like *someone's* mercury is in retrograde right now.

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How The July 27th Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Astrology Sign

Moon phases You may also find during the eclipse that you’re pretty adamant that your way of thinking is the only right way. “The eclipse can be very divisive in that way,” Page says. You may also feel very defensive and protect people that you’re loyal to. warned! Everyone will feel the effects of the lunar eclipse, but Page says a few signs will be impacted by this more than others. Specifically, she calls out Leos and Aquariuses (since the eclipse is happening in their signs), as well as Tauruses and Scorpios, the so-called “fixed signs.” People who have fixed signs tend to really want life to be a certain way, and may feel that even stronger around the eclipse, Page says. Mercury is in retrograde at the same time, which “definitely” affects the eclipse, Page says. Overall, it can prompt a major re-think of whether you want your pride to get in the way of your life and the decisions you make, she says. A retrograde usually brings up old issues you need to deal with, Joyce adds, and an eclipse is trying to get your attention.

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