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Divers find possible cave opening to rescue Thai children

Rescuers also lowered survival kits with food, water, medicine, a map and writing supplies into a narrow crevice. “If they get it, they can eat the snacks and mark their spot on the map and try to float it back to the entrance,” National Police Chief General Chaktip Chaijinda said. Teams scoured the mountain for other possible openings while drones and thermal imaging technology were dispatched to find a spot where a drill could bore a hole to the inside. It was a race against time as the huge operation — involving more than 1,000 divers, police, soldiers, border guards and even sniffer dogs — neared the one-week mark. U.S. military personnel and three British diving experts at the site were to be joined by Chinese cave divers later Friday. Families refused to give up hope as a nation galvanized with messages of support and prayers for the young team, between ages 11 and 16. “The monk led a meditation and prayer sessions, which helped me to relax,” Thinnakorn Boonpiem, the father of one of the missing boys, told AFP. “His survival is up to the merits and karma of my son,” he said, looking exhausted.

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Temple-mooning California duo released, blacklisted

According to SDGLN, the men appeared in court but the judge "threw out those charges and sent them back to immigration police to be processed for deportation". There was no immediate confirmation from Thai police. When they were arrested, Pol Col Cherngron Rimpadee, deputy immigration police spokesman, said, "Tourists should have respect for places of cultural, historical and religious importance because it is simple good manners." "They are in a clean but cold (sic) cell and sleeping on the floor," the publication quoted the Dasilvas' friend Robert Rodriguez, who had been in touch with them. "He adds that the married couple could get word they are going home in as little as 24-hours to as long as five days, it depends on how long it will take to process them," the publication added. The Dasilvas received little love from the Thai or California public after their arrest for disrespecting the Buddhist temples and religion.

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